STUDIO LILY KWONG’s mission is to reconnect people to nature.

STUDIO LILY KWONG is not your average landscape design studio.

Yes, like traditional firms we combine aspects of botany, horticulture, urban planning, architecture and fine arts to create beautiful environments ranging from hotels to high-end residential landscapes.

But STUDIO LILY KWONG’s gift is alchemizing NATURE and CULTURE. SLK sits at the intersection of landscape and art, fashion, wellness and activism. Using plants as a medium to connect with other disciplines, STUDIO LILY KWONG layers cultural experiences over the planted environment.

Lily Kwong is the founder of STUDIO LILY KWONG. With a degree in Urban Studies from Columbia University, Lily honed her passion for plants as a Project Director for the LVMH Miami Design District while studying sustainable design with horticulturalists from South Florida to the New York Botanical Garden. Drawing inspiration from the Land Art and Minimalist movements, Lily’s radical approach of using plant life as an artistic medium completely re-imagines the urban landscape.

Lily Kwong believes humanity has an innate kinship to the natural world and her core mission is to create extraordinary environments that harmonize people with nature and one another.

SLK creates these environments for developers, private clients, brands, nonprofits and exhibitions. Competencies include landscape masterplanning & design, art installations, and program development & consulting.

STUDIO LILY KWONG generates thriving ecosystems - it is a landscape design firm whose aim is to change the world by building a greener, more united future.